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Draw X & Y Coordinates from file

Post by DSTILL@MEDIAONE.NET » Thu Oct 26, 2000 1:40 pm

Does anyone know a way to automatically take X & Y coordinates that are in a text file and draw those points connected by a polyline?

Post by mjsmyth » Thu Oct 26, 2000 2:59 pm

You need to create a script file that invokes the line command and then list the points there after, something like this....


You need to finish off your list of co-ordinates with acouple of returns for icad to know to stop the script.

Remember to save this as a file with a .scr extension and then go to tools -> run script

I hope this answers your question.

Michael Smyth

Registry Key

Post by JohnF » Sun Nov 19, 2000 1:06 pm

Has the source code been modified to provide a unique CMS registry key for the free download version of ICAD?

John Finlay

Answering my own question (nothing like talking to oneself) CMS are still using Visio as the registry key. I remember someone on this forum advising CMS to alter this and CMD thought it was a good idea.

CMS have been tardy.

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