Multi tab setup and layer plot settings

I have been playing with the free 2000 download for a couple of days and I am impressed. However I do have a couple of questions about your PE version. Does it support multi page (tab) layouts like AutoCAD2000i? The free download does not. Also in AutoCAD you can control layer printing with either a CTB or an STB file. Is this availabe in the latest PE version? Plot Stamp, mvsetup?


I am sorry to say that my answers to all your questions would be "no." I am hoping in the future that IntelliCAD will adopt the Tabs layouts similar to AutoCAD's. Also, have to admit that I am not familiar with the STB and CTB files. There used to be an old lisp routine that was very similar to AutoCAD's Mvsetup but I cannot seem to put my mouse on it at the moment.

Thank you,