UCS Out of Plane

This one is very frustrating. Drawing in 3D if the UCS is rotated about one of the three axis, so a 2D entity can be drawn on the XY plane(rotated plane), some entities will not be drawn parallel to the rotated XY plane (hard to explain) so 2D commands will not work on drawn entity (circles and arcs appear to have the most problems).

If properties are listed one of the axis differences will be somewhere around 1x10e-16. Very small difference which makes intersections, etc., not work. This problem has been around for a while, not just in the latest release. I never really put my finger on it until now, thought it was just my drawing habits, however it appears to be a bug.

Any thoughts or work arounds???



I'll play around with it but in the meantime I will report the problem to our programmer so that he can in turn report it to the ITC.