Slow Pan/Zoom

With both Intellicad 2000 & recently upgraded to 2001, experience very slow CTRL-Shift pans & zooms with anything other than a small drawing. A moderate amount of hatching, even with layer frozen really slowed things down. The bonus space station drawing is very marginal in speed. I don't experience these problems with ACAD V14 on same machine and drawing.

Computer is 166M Pentium, 92M ram, Matrox Millenium video 1024 x 768 pixels x 256 colors.

Anticipating a hardware update is necessary, don't mind spending some money, but need to depend on system to handle large drawings.

What has experience shown to work hardware wise? Please be specific manufacturer and model numbers.

Video card, mother board (1G CPU), either or both?


We have the Icad versions from Visio (98)Bricsnet and CMS(PE), and tested the demo from Cadopia. I noticed that pan and zoom are ok when you open a new drawing, but after using render they become slow and "blinking". I replaced the render.dll that comes with the CMS version with the same file from Bricsnet, now pan and zoom work better ( as in Icad98, Cadopias demo, Bricsnet 27), even after using render, but slower than in Acad, as in all Icad versions until now.


Now have Intel D845WN motherboard, Pentium 4 160G, ATI "All In Wonder" video card, and 128M ram, has improved some, but moderate size file still unuseable. The same file still runs fine on 160M pentium Compact.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lee:
You need a high-end video card with large on-board memory.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>