ICAD PE+ connection and popups problem problem

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ICAD PE+ connection and popups problem problem

Post by Arana » Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:12 pm

Hi, we just recently bought a 10 licenses and are installing them today, so far I have got some errors after installation, first one regarding a connection error when checking for updates, (somethign along the lines of
1: "cannot get update information from server") , its really annoying to have to click Ok , before starting to use the product, so how can I disable the check for updates options? , or better yet, where does one specify proxy settings, since apparently it does not take the windows settings automatically, (w10 pro x64 b1709).

2: Also when opening license manager to see if the product was activated correctly, a winddow pops up with the option to transfer the license, this window cannot be closed by hitting escape key or clicking on the corner box, it just stays there in front of your work , you have to close ICAD and opening again to get rid of it
how to check if product was activated correctly?
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Re: ICAD PE+ connection and popups problem problem

Post by CMS Inc » Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:34 pm

Dear User,

Are the systems running an Internet connection?

If not, connect them to the internet, and use the check update feature available at the HELP menu.

For proper license activation, please connect the system to the Internet and Activate each license.

Instructions to register/activate a license are published at https://intellicadms.com

If you have additional issues with license activation please email us using the proper email address published at https://intellicadms.com contacts, and we'll make sure you get such issues resolved.

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