Text Issue with IntelliCAD 7.2 latest version

I recently updated my IntelliCAD 7.2 to the latest version. Now when I type text, I have a box where the text is -- but no visible text. In other words, the text is not WYSIWYG -- there is just the outline of a box. When I click on the text box and then right-click to PROPERTIES the text is there and can be edited, but even the edited version is outlined by a text box.

Understand, I had NO problems with the TEXT command in earlier versions of IntelliCAD.

I am currently testing the Beta version of IntelliCAD 8. It has the same issue. What is truly odd is that I can open an older IntelliCAD file (created in an earlier version) with either the current version of IC 7.2 or IC 8 Beta and the text will appear as originally created -- no text box. I can even edit the existing text in the older file. Unfortunately, I cannot create NEW text with the newer versions.

What's the issue and what's the solution? I have eliminated my graphics card and PC as potential issues. I'm guessing there is some setting that must be invoked.