IntelliCAD 7.2.4141 3/7/2013 Build - first impressions

So far, this build is much better than the last build I was using. I haven't had any "serious errors" that resulted in a crash to desktop, which is GREAT! After extended periods of use or idle, there does appear to be some lagging, maybe small memory leaks, but it's not as pronounced as before.

One thing that I immediately noticed and has been bugging me is that when changing text that has "middle" justification, after completing the DDEDIT command, the text moves to where the middle justification grip is (or was located just before completing the text edit). Basically, editing text with middle justification results in a stair-stepping effect.

Other than that I haven't encountered any new behavior since installing the build, so I recommend all 7.2 users upgrade to the 7.2.4141 build at their earliest convenience.
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