EXCELLENT Purchase and Use Experience with IntelliCAD 7.2

:D This weekend, I finished testing the STD versions of IntelliCAD 7.2. I was so impressed, I purchased the STD version for my 2D work as I will be using SketchUP 8 Pro for 3D work.

Why IntelliCAD? After giving the new TurboCAD LTE a workout -- which was not successful (too many bugs) -- I turned to IntelliCAD, which I had experimented with in the past. The new 7.2 version is exceptional. I have not found any significant bugs. I use the AutoCAD two-character keyboard entry commands (aliases), which are MUCH faster than locating and picking icons with a mouse -- MUCH faster.

IMHO, after spending the past two decades working with AutoCAD, I am convinced that IntelliCAD is a much better value.

I also want to commend Vitor, the CMS sales agent who answered all of my many questions and didn't try to oversell his product. He was most helpful.

IntelliCAD 7.2 is simply superior, and CMS is the place to purchase it in the USA.

I cannot recommend CMS IntelliCAD more highly.