7.1 - Explorer.exe process keeps crashing

Summary of the problem: Explorer.exe starts crashing after CMS Intellicade closes.

Hi All,

This post concerns problem that I encountered on two different machines. As soon as I close CMS Intellicad, my system becomes unstable. Explorer.exe process keeps crashing as soon as I press the right mouse button or sometimes when I try to access control panel. Problem persists untill next reboot.

Strangely I didn't notice any problems while CMS is running.

My systems:

1. Intel Core 2 Quad + 8GB ram + Win 7 HP x64 (Polish edition)
2. i7 + 4GB ram + Win 7 HP x64 (Polish edition)

Second one is a new laptop that I got yesterday. Fresh system, fully patched, all prerequisities installed as required. Tried to run CMS installer both as administrator and as standard user (using system recovery to roll back before each attempt). The same with CMS app later on. I tried to fiddle with application compliance mode by setting it to Win XP SP3, but it didn't help.

Any clues? Only x64 and PL edition is common for those 2 systems. Oh - and Nvidia GFX if this is important.