Language Filter

Is there a language filter on this forum??? The reason I ask is that I have seen a few words that when broken down could contain sexual connoctations. The lates is cir***stances which appears as cir***stances.

I suppose I will probably answer my own question once I hit post.......

Michael Smyth

Yes, when they first set up this forum there was a language filter put in but it evidently was a little to vague. I have had problems myself a time or two. I have went in and adjusted it to hopefully prevent further problems. I am new at this sort of thing so bear with me while I try out this post



That is a great site. Thanks for sharing with us. I am sure we can all benefit from your contribution.

Anyone who has not seen this site yet, go check it out there are a few very usefull lisp routines for anyone using IntelliCAD.

David Trotz