Paths to attached Image files??

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Paths to attached Image files??

Post by cdenk0 » Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:09 am

CMS Intellicad 6.4P

I have a several drawings with numerous attached JPG's. These files will be part of an equipment manual with the reference files are stored on removable media :

1: Is there a way to batch change the path to the individual JPG files?

2: If the JPG's are kept in the same folder (directory) as the DWG, is there a way to specify a generic path, saved with the drawing? Thinking is drawing with all associated files are saved to removable media, if needed, say to troubleshoot a machine, those files could be accessed without actually copying them to the PC, or just copied to the PC where Intelicad had been previously load, and not have to spend time changing image paths?.

4: Is there a path length restriction for the Image path in Images > Image Manager, or Tools > Options >Paths/files

I don't see any image files at Tools > Options >Paths/files where one could globally set the Image path.
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