Linear dimension scaling

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Linear dimension scaling

Post by JimB » Thu Jul 19, 2007 10:59 pm

I am using ICAD 6.3 for simple 2D sketching. When I set up a new dimension style to a linear scale factor of 0.5, and save the style, the command line shows dimlfac=0.5. If I then dimension an entity, the linear scale factor is not applied, an override dimension style is created with a dimlfac of 1. The original dimension style is not affected but it is not possible to get the dimension to use this style, it always creates an override style. This seems to be a problem with rounding up the linear scale factor as it does not happen with dimlfac greater than 1. It did not happen with previous versions.
Whenever I re-open a drawing, the current dimension style regardless of linear scale factors is always overridden and has to be changed. I had assumed that this was a compatibility problem between ICAD versions but there may be something deeper.
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