The only CAD that I know of that implimented
characters with special "block" was GenericCAD.
Icad and Acad use compiled shape definitions
(SHX) files which can't be exploded directly.

I had placed the GenericCAD-style font support
on a wish list a long time ago. That implimentation
allowed fillable fonts as well as SHX-style
and you could create new fonts by simply drawing
them...Much better than the ACAD system.

This is one area where Icad could part ways
with Acad.

We are definitely looking at developing a Linux based version of our IntelliCAD. I cannot give any timeframe I’m afraid because we feel we need to get our Windows based program debugged better first. I will keep you in mind and let you know when we begin working on it.


I agree, I have been considering starting some work in December on the dialog boxes that would be required for the Linux port. I plan on using the QT 2.2.1 toolkkit and the QT designer. Any suggestions?

David Trotz

Is there a font are drawing with exploadable letters on the market that can be either loaded into Icad are put into a drawing as a block then exploaded?