Thank you David for bringing this to our attention. And thank you Mars for the fix. I will pass this information on to our Programmer. Your input is appreciated.


Intellicad for MacOS 9/X

In line with the linux post below, are there any thoughts about a Mac version of Intellicad? Autodesk abandoned the platform with version 13, and I know of a lot of small, Mac based offices who would love to have this kind of tool.

It seems most of the CAD tools on the Mac platform fall into two categories; 1) Object based, such as ArchiCAD or Vectorworks; and 2) Click-and-drag. Object based tools have their place, but most of us just want a fast, keyboard (i.e. command line) based drafting tool.

Anyway, my .02.

From what I can gather, Intellicad is deeply tied in with winodws at the moment, so whilst it would be great to see a mac version, I would not hold your breath, but I would love to be wrong!