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Re: stl export

CMS IntelliCAD PE Plus is for sure able to export 3D models as .STL files. Use EXPORT command, then select .STL file format and follow the prompts. That's pretty similar behavior to otherCAD 2020. Such model ca...

Re: Printers

PRINTER command works only for PRINTERS having printer drivers installed locally at your system. You need to ask your system IT support to setup printing as required by IntelliCAD software.

From where can I download the software Installers

Updated installers are available at the DOWNLOAD web page. If your license is outdated , and you have not made a backup copy of the software installer, you can still get the software installers by purchasing a 2 years extended download link here:

Re: PLdiet lisp which works fine in autocad wont work in IntelliCad

IntelliCAD developers will review and test the code with this script.
Please share with us the .dwg file containing the polyline used in your post by sending it to

Alternatively, you can also use OVERKILL command to reduce the number of vertices in such polylines.

Re: Icad.exe - Assert Failure

CMS IntelliCAD works properly. What is wrong at your machine is/as Norton AV and the faulty .dwg files created by VisualCADD. We do not know to what extend Norton has unduly interfered with our software even after an uninstall. We've already instructed you on how to clean your system and files in o...

Re: Antivirus false positive detection - CMS IntelliCAD fails to run properly - what to do

You can install our software at another machine and it will work. Also notice that Norton AV, the AV you decided to use, has acknowledge the problem at their software. Additionally, the VisualCADD .dwg files you have reported also have problems detected by CMS IntelliCAD. We cannot solve or assist y...

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