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Re: How can i import .eps format file?

CMS IntelliCAD cannot import encapsulated PostScript ( .eps ) files directly. As example, it's possible to open .eps using GIMP software and then export it as JPEG or PNG. EPS has been superseded by PDF. We recommend the use of PDF or SVG files. CMS IntelliCAD can export as SVG file and, as example,...

Re: Opening Files Stored on OneDrive

Onedrive is accessible when opening files within CMS IntelliCAD as long as Onedrive is properly set. onedrive.JPG Also notice that it's not recommended to work directly on CAD files saved at a file hosting service and synchronization service like Onedrive or any other. File corruption events may occ...

Re: Vectorization Failed

Make sure to force Windows updates and reboot.
Then you can tweak the CMS IntellICAD device graphics settings at CMS IntelliCAD options.
We also provide how-to support information at this forum. Please browse for such info.

Autoload a LISP routine

Create an icaddoc.lsp at the C:\Program Files\CMS\ CMS IntelliCAD installed program path folder. Content of icaddoc.lsp : (xload "C:\\Users\\<path>\\<to\\<the lisp routine folder>\\<name of the lisp app>.lsp") In this case, the custom LISP routine is loaded with every new drawing created or opened.

Tweaking CMS IntelliCAD graphics device performance

Some graphics devices drivers do not properly support OpenGL ES technology and tweaking CMS IntelliCAD graphics device performance settings may be required. How to tweak CMS IntelliCAD graphics device performance: 1) Go to TOOLS > OPTIONS > Display tab > Graphics performance 2) it's now possible to ...

If CMS IntelliCAD software hangs on file saving on systems running NVIDIA GPUs

A few reports have been received from end users about hangs on file save on a few specific systems running NVIDIA GPU devices. After code investigation on dump files obtained from Windows system, IntelliCAD software developers have strong suspicions about Nahimic software being the reason behind han...

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