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Re: Registry Entry Applications load

Please refer the document from the document API. ..... When IntelliCAD is installed, a directory named 'ApplicationPlugins' will be created on the same level as the icad.exe executable file. A new directory under this one MUST be created with a unique name. Perhaps the directory name could be your c...

Re: error passing to PaperSpace

Please use "IntelliCAD.ActiveDocument.ActiveLayout" to switch to the defined layout in paper space. Refer this: Private Sub ChangeLayout() ' change to layout name: layout2 For Each Layout In IntelliCAD.ActiveDocument.Layouts If UCase(Layout.Name) = "LAYOUT2" Then IntelliCAD.ActiveDocument.ActiveLayo...

Re: example of GetDistance

Please refer a sample of GetDistance. Private Sub GetLength() Dim PT1 As Point Dim dist As Double Set PT1 = IntelliCAD.ActiveDocument.Utility.GetPoint(, "Pick a point:") dist = IntelliCAD.ActiveDocument.Utility.GetDistance(PT1, vbCr & "Pick next point:") MsgBox (dist) End Sub

Re: method DocumentLockModeChangedEventArgs.Veto() is missing

Hi, Yes, it seems that the method DocumentLockModeChangedEventArgs.Veto() missing. I saw the DocumentBeginCloseEventArgs having one. Please try using the Document.CommandWillStart method to catch which command is active then do something as you want. Document dwg = CadApp.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDo...

Re: Can I set the default file type to open?

bb.cnc.craft wrote:
Tue Jan 07, 2020 5:35 pm
I work exclusively with DXF files. I easily found how to set DXF as my default file SAVE type, but how can I set DXF as my default file OPEN type, so I don't always have to use the drop-down to select DXF?

Thanks and regards,
- Bill
Hi Bill,
Please use the DXFIN command instead of.

Re: Request for technical support

About the migrate custom/user-defined hatch patterns from AutoCAD to IntelliCAD, It's the same as AutoCAD. - If you have the PAT file, copy them to support folder of the installation directory, type HATCHPAT in command line to refer the path. - if not, try search the lisp routine that extract PAT fi...

Re: Request for technical support

Just fixed the INO lisp, please try again. ; MatchText.lsp by J.J.Damstra - Copyright ©2005. ; Replaces ANY selected string for another ; 21-06-05 first release ; 09-07-05 tableindicator (defun c:INO (/ ch_txt ENTITY ENTITYLIST TXT_STR OBJECT pickpnt E-TYPE n ti) (defun ch_txt (TXT_STR ENTITY / ENTI...

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