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Project sharing

Anyone know of a board where Intellicad users can share files such as lisp/SDS/vb projects? How about it CMS? This could be the main hangout for Intellicad developers :wink:


Would anyone here be interested in using/beta testing a .NET API out? It’s still in its infancy, if there is enough interest I will keep hacking at it , else -> bit bucket.


Try rolling up a lisp

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(defun layoutlist ( / e rl)
 (setq rl '())
 (foreach e (dictsearch (namedobjdict) "ACAD_LAYOUT")
  (if (and
       (= (car e) 3)
       (/= (strcase (cdr e)) "MODEL")
   (setq rl (cons (cdr e) rl))
 (reverse rl)

Question, Do you need to have snap turned on when using these commands? I may be possible to setup a reactor to temporarily disable snap while you are in one of these commands and restore the state when the command is complete. Just a thought.

DotNET Forms in Intellicad

For those who are interested, I have successfully made Intellicad load a managed/un-managed DotNET DLL , show a modal form and return the value back. A method to return the sds_getmainhwnd() to DotNET ShowDialog(IWin32Window Owner) is NativeWindow ^nWin = gcnew NativeWindow(); nWin->AssignHandle((In...

New list, added file stuff (ICStrTrim " hello ") (ICStrTrimRight " hello ") (ICStrTrimLeft " hello ") (ICStrUpper " hello ") (ICStrLower " HeLlo ") (ICStrTrun " hello " 4) (ICStrRight "hello" 2) (ICStrLeft "hello" 2) (ICStrMid "hello How are you" 6) (ICStrRev " hello ") (ICstrParse "a,b,c,d,e" ",") ...

here is the new list of functions ICStrTrim " hello ") (ICStrTrimRight " hello ") (ICStrTrimLeft " hello ") (ICStrUpper " hello ") (ICStrLower " HeLlo ") (ICStrTrun " hello " 4) (ICStrRight "hello" 2) (ICStrLeft "hello" 2) (ICStrMid "hello How are you" 6) (ICStrRev " hello ") (ICstrParse "a,b,c,d,e"...

did I find a bug?

;; Bug Dictionary is not updated after tab is deleted (defun layoutlist (/ rl) (setq rl '()) (foreach e (dictsearch (namedobjdict) "ACAD_LAYOUT") (if (and (= (car e) 3)(/= (strcase(cdr e)) "MODEL")) (setq rl (cons (cdr e) rl)))) (reverse rl) ) [This message has been edited by Danielm103 (edited 12-1...

Hi Rick,
I guess SDS is not compiler specific. I wonder when DRX comes out if it will require a specific compiler as ARX does. I have never used Pascal so I wouldn¡¯t no where to start :|


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