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Thanks Scott,

I look forward to giving this a try.


I do not have any additional details about the ArchT interface with IntelliCAD but am hoping to give it a try when it becomes available. I will post on any findings.


There is some talk that the ArchT package may be available this July.


Gus, I'll have to play with the trimming to see what you are talking about. The offset will only work in the xy plane but you could change your UCS if needed. You could also use copy instead of offset with the x and y being 0 and giving it a z depth. EX: copy (select item) 0,0,3 will give you a copy...

There are no plans for a Linux version at this time.


Both of these are excellent suggestions. I have already started a tutorial on Paperspace and hope to have that finished soon.

Nick, I will also email you about dimensioning.

Thank you,

The free version is a trial version that is legal for your use but is meant to give you an opportunity to try the software to see if it works for you.

Melodie Triche


I was curious as to what type of tutorials newer users would like to see made available for them?

Melodie Triche

I am sorry to say that my answers to all your questions would be "no." I am hoping in the future that IntelliCAD will adopt the Tabs layouts similar to AutoCAD's. Also, have to admit that I am not familiar with the STB and CTB files. There used to be an old lisp routine that was very similar to Auto...


I'll play around with it but in the meantime I will report the problem to our programmer so that he can in turn report it to the ITC.


My understanding is that the ITC is working very aggressively on these issues and we should see a vast improvement next release.


This is something that is currently being worked on and will hopefully be corrected in the next release.


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