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Solid editing VS Rendering

I am seeking opinions on possible future changes for our PE version of IntelliCAD. So here is the question: If you had a choice between the current rendering package that we are using or having a solids editor and viewer which would you choose? We are also looking to find a good rendering program th...

You need to change your Angular Units, I use ddunits to do this. If set to D/M/S you can then pick your starting point and use the format of @5<30d40'22" to get a line that is 5 units long at and angle of 30D 40M 22S. The d is used to specify degrees, the ' mark specifies minutes and the " mark spec...

I recently asked about this and was told that our company will still have VBA included in our PE version. VBA is an add-on that a company has the option to purchase to bundle with IntelliCAD. At this time we intend to continue to purchase this add-on for our PE version but I cannot speak for others....

The next version to be released will address the bug issues that popped up in the 2001 version. The ITC decided to hold off on this next release, which was originally due out in April, until it felt that these issues were resolved. My understanding is that we should have this next version within the...

I have found that when two different releases are running on one machine it tends to cause problems. I always recommend running one version at a time. Is there a reason you want to have 2000 and the 2001 version both installed? CMS and Cadopia do not carry the same version numbers as far as I am awa...

I am told it will be very soon but have not been given an exact date. I'm anxiously waiting for it's release myself.



I'll look into this this evening and see if I can come up with anything. I'll email you if I need any other info.


Hello Scott,

Please send me a drawing that is experiencing this problem.


Hello Michel,

IntelliCAD is set up to be very similar to AutoCAD. What exactly are you having trouble with, maybe I can help.


Glad to hear everything is working fine now. I had sent a reply to your email and was hoping things were working since I did not hear back from you. Email me anytime.


What are your system resources at? There are many people who run IntelliCAD on Windows 2000 Pro with no problems and I do not recall any major issues with 2000. What sizes are the drawings or are you talking about creating a new drawing and within minutes the program is crashing?


I really am not sure at this time but will try to find out for you.

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