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Jim, Hope the info I emailed you is working. To anyone interested: I have a very simple document on how to setup a basic 3D drawing that I use for my beginning 3D students. It simply gives directions on how to setup viewports and ucs's for a basic top-front-right layout. It also explains how to setu...

I am now told that it will be a couple more weeks. Am not sure what is causing the delay but do know that they want to make sure this is, by far, the most dependable version that has been released. I'm sure, from the sounds of things, that it will be worth the slight delay. Melodie [This message has...


Email me direct and I'll see if I can help. I would need to know your experience level to know where to begin to give advice.


If you save your template as icad.dwg in the IntelliCAD directory then it will be used as the default drawing. This is usefull when you are the only one using the program.


The only thing I have heard for sure is a lot of work on text and dimensioning problems. I believe that there were changes in most reported problems but I have not been given a fix list yet.


I'll see what I can find out. I am anxiously awaiting it myself.


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