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setting to metric

J Campos

Thank you. That did the trick, but I seem to recall that I was able to previously set to metric from the menu, although that does not seem available now. There is nothing in the HELP under 'METRIC' either to give some guidance.

Thank you
Warren Sugden

setting to metric

My computer recently crashed and I had to reinstall windows XP and IntelliCAD. In using intelliCAD v6.4 I now find it is set to imperial rather than metric as I want it, but I now find I am unable to find how to set to metric. I am sure I must have done it before but I am unable to do so now. Can as...

re : drawing over TIF

John Finlay You are right. Before drawing the line, i created a new layer with a different colour and drew the line in that new layer. Apparently, drawing in the same layer as the .TIF image will not show the line transarenty through the image. The line must be drawn in a different layer with a diff...

drawing over .tiff

Adeko Raster loaded. : : _OPEN Substituting font [IC-txt.shx] for font [txt.shx]. Adeko Raster loaded. "C:\Program Files\Lizardtech\MrSID Viewer\90364N.tif" is loaded : status Status: Current drawing name: SRDTopo.dwg Drawing limits are: X= 0.0000 Y= 0.0000 Z= 0.0000 X= 12.0000 Y= 9.0000 Z= 0.0000 P...

drawing over tif image

Initially, I had tried clicking on 'Image / image Manager' and then ticked the box labelled 'Use transperancy'. I presume that is all that has to done.

In any case, it made absoluetly no difference.

Warren Sugden

drawing over tif image

I have a .tif image of a topographic map which I have loaded by clicking on image / attach image. I'm using IntelliCAD 6.4 I now wish to do a drawing over the top of this image showing proposed pipeline, pump stations and reservoirs etc. If I try to draw these lines using the usual techniques, they ...

print to scale

John Finlay I can now get the line to print out to scale, although I had to switch to version 6.4. In layout (paperspace) I drew a rectangle 297 x 210 to represent the size of the A4 sheet of paper. This is solely for my guidance in drawing the actual drawing border. Within that border and by trial ...

printing to scale

YES - take it as a typo - I have used the slash to indicate that it separates two separate key presses such as x / p while to me xp would indicate that both keys are pressed simultaneously.


printing to scale

John Finlay I go into paperspace/LAYOUT and as you suggest, I draw a rectangle 210 x 297 to represent the sheet size. Inside that I draw another rectangle, 5mm inside all round, which represents the A4 printable border. Just inside of that I draw my drawing border (and title block). I then create a ...

printing to Scale

I usually set up LAYOUT so that the drawing is printed to fill the sheet, which means it is not printed to any particular scale, however in this particular instance I want to set up LAYOUT so that the drawing on paper is to scale : say 1:1 I would presume the printable area of say A4 has tomcorrespo...

BAK file

I'm confused but curious. As i understand it, you want to stop the program automatically saving a .BAK file. i'm using ICAD 6.2 PE+. My program does not automatically save a .BAK although it does save a .SV$ file. I cannot find any setting which allows me to do an automatic .BAK save. The only way t...

I solved that problem. The two other drawings were created from a template drawing which includes a number of layers, text styles and dimension styles. The model space drawing has a text desription of the styles layers etc. included in the template. I have several templates, each with a different se...

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