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Re: NumInc Lisp

That’s a huge program, surprised he gives that away for free. I’m sure Lee would be happy to take a look, especially if someone were to hit that donate button

Re: SDK for IntelliCAD 11

Waiting as well, apparently there’s a new IcARX API coming out, it’s mentioned on the ITC website. I’m excited to try it, but I’m a cheapskate and I don’t want to pay to be an API member when it’s free on other platforms. My guess it’s @ 11.1, excited to see if my apps compile with the trial.


IcEdUIContext issues

Hi, I created a method using IcEdUIContext, exactly as per the sample IRXCustomEntity, but for OdDbTable, but it doesn’t show correctly.
It should not show the class name, the menu can do this, and only one item shows in the submenu

I've attached my project

Re: Block Count

Here's a routine that will insert a table with a block count, not sure if it will work for you I've attached the .IRX and the source code, the command is blkcount. just goofing around with the trial and API. looking pretty good these days, better than the SDS days :) Screenshot blkcount.jpg Cheers :)

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