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Been a while since i've been here, is there an IRX API for version 9? If so, where might I find it?

Cheers :)

Sorry, I wrote that module quite a long time ago, I haven't been keeping it up to date as there didn;t seem to be much interest. About the only thing I am maintaining in SDS is SQLite for autolisp.

The SDSSamples.DLL is the file you need to load, it’s in the root directory of SDSSamples folder. There are two ways you can load the DLL, the first is through lisp I.e. (arxload "C:/Documents and Settings/Daniel/Desktop/SDSSamples/release/SDSSamples.dll") The second is choose tools->load-lisp-or-sd...

I was thinking about that too, but I think it would be a tough nut to crack.
How are your C skills? You could make a little sds DLL that calls sds_bbox and returns the data to lisp.

If they’re 2d polylines, you can do something like this (DEFUN C:DOIT (/ ED PTL) (SETQ PTL '() ED (ENTGET (CAR (ENTSEL))) ) (FOREACH E ED (IF (= (CAR E) 10) (SETQ PTL (CONS (CDR E) PTL)) ) ) (TESTLINE(GETBOUNDINGBOX-2D PTL)) ) (DEFUN GETBOUNDINGBOX-2D (PT_LST) ((LAMBDA (L) (LIST (APPLY 'MAPCAR (CONS...

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