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BAK File

i am using version 6.4 PE+ and everytime i save my work, it creates a .bak file.

how can i prevent the program from creating those files? i've explored all settings possible and it just didn't work. :roll:



Re: TRIM command drives me nuts

Sorry for repeating this topic, but the implementation of the trim command drives me nuts: It unfortunately depends on polylines on their direction. Just do the following: 1) draw one horizontal polyline, just with two points from left to right. 2) draw another polyline from top to bottom in this w...

asia, As I understand the Find command just finds text or mtext in a drawing. Is that what you are looking for? John, Yes, find command looks for a certain text in a set of drawings (like in an a steel erection plan),then after finding the text, the drawing zooms on the target where it is placed on...

FIND command

is there a command in IntelliCAD which is similar with the FIND command in autocad, so that lookin for a specific mark in a huge plan is easier?

UNDO command

i am using IntelliCAD Standard Edition version 6.1 and i am having problem with the UNDO command.. it does not undo the very last command but the first command i did.. eveything got mixed up and it's really a headache..

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lee Edwards: <B>Intellicad can read a drawing from another cad program and convert the foreign file format on the fly before placing the drawing onto your monitor. Sometimes this conversion process loads your comp...

please help me..

1. i attached a drawing file created from autocad2004. it takes a lot of time opening it using intellicad. 2. whenever i want to plot and tried to window a drawing or a paper, the second snapping does not appear. what can i do so that i can pick the second or the other point of the paper accurately?...

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