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You may try this - When you open the customize dialog box, click the toolbar tab and then import (for your toolbar menu).
I have a toolbar menu that is appended to my menu file and when I use the lisp expression (command "menuload" "menuname") it will load the pulldown menu and the toolbars.

I'm not sure of the other items but as far as loading a menu there are two ways to do this. If you are using Tools->Customize then you must check the box that says append to current menu. The way I like to do it is to write a small lisp routine that calls (command "menuload"). Then the menus are pla...

You can go to Tools->Options
Select the "Paths/files" tab
add the path to the menus or drawings area

There is no dialog box available for the "block" command.
However there is a dialog box for the "insert" command. "ddinsert"

I have downloaded the current demo and I created 16 layouts okay. I saved the drawing closed and re-opened it. All 16 layouts were there.

This is a new feature in the AutoCAD 2006 mtext editor called "bullets". As far as I know This is not supported in IntelliCAD.

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There is no way to lock viewports in IntelliCAD as you can in AutoCAD. It seems that the best practice is to always close the drawing without a viewport active.

I'm not sure of the answer to your question, but you can ID a selected point by selecting ID Coordinates from the "Inquiry" toolbar or by typing ID at the command prompt.

Those files came with an IntelliCAD installation that I have. I can email them to you if you wish.

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