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I have Acrobat 5.0 installed, in AutoCAD there is an option to plot TrueType fonts as text and not graphics. This option is not available for IntelliCAD (using version 6.6). Is there any way to get TrueType fonts printed in pdf format as text?

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JCAMPOS...thank you for the reply. My question is related to the bug in earlier versions prior to v6.6 (I do not have this version), see other posts on layout problems. I do not want to upgrade if the problem(s) still exist with the layouts.


Error opening vba editor

Using version 6.2; when I first open the VBA Editor in an Intellicad session (whether from menu, command bar, or Alt+F11) I get the following error: "Packaging Wizard" with the following text; "Object doesn't support this property or method"...I hit the "OK" button, editor opens and everything is fi...

benqsmith, Try the following (from MSDN, I found out that Office Developer will cannot do this): DLLs make ideal code libraries because they are small and fast. The disadvantage to using a DLL is that you must make certain it is properly registered on the user's machine. To create a DLL that acts as...

gvvelev, according to help document: Syntax object.ZoomScaled(Scale, ScaleType) Where: object is an IntelliCAD Viewport or PViewport object; Scale is a double-precision variable or value representing the scale factor to use for zooming; ScaleType is one of the following constants that determines how...


It appears that you need an insert object

Dim blockObj As IntelliCAD.Block
Dim insPt As IntelliCAD.Point
' Insert the block

Dim blockRefObj As IntelliCAD.BlockInsert

Set blockRefObj = ThisDocument.ModelSpace.InsertBlock(insPt, BlkName, 1, 1, 0)


bcammack, Try, Private Sub SaveAsExample() ' This example saves the drawing as a file called TESTING.DWG. Application.ActiveDocument.SaveAs ("C:\Documents and Settings\ssc\My Documents\testing.dxf") End Sub It appears you can use either a dxf extension (Icad will save to dxf format, not sure what ve...

I have version 5 of Intellicad which does not have Layout in the object model (at least I do not think so).




iDoc.SetVariable "COLORX", 4

You will have to do a regen to see the change.


Matt V, Try this Dim myLayer As Layer Dim mylayers As Layers Set mylayers = intellicad.ActiveDocument.Layers Set myLayer = mylayers.Item("LayerName") myLayer.Freeze=True 'False will thaw myLayer.LayerOn=True 'False will turn layer off myLayer.Lock=False 'True will lock layer ssc [This message has be...

In earlier versions you could only trim/extend to ellipses if they are created with polylines (see drawing settings entity creation under ellipses). With latest version I believe it will trim to true ellipses (version 5.1 PE)

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