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Re: 3D Filletting

Hi All.....well well well...... thanks to the various inputs from Sin8458 & Spirou4D and having tried countless times I have finally produced something like the intended 3D drawing that is a solid object and will save as an STL file. I think my problem (apart from lack of practice with CMS inte...

Re: 3D Filletting

Is this what you're attempting to model?
We see no issues creating a 3D fillet on Boolean 3D solid objects, based on CMS IntelliCAD 3D primitives, that are not orthogonal. You'll need to be using CMS IntelliCAD 11.1 PE PLUS software.

Re: Autocad DYNAMIC blocks, not visible after rotation - REGEN function required

I was expecting that CMS could create dynamic blocks and work 'easily' with dynamic blocks created in autocad. Unfortunately, I seems that dynamic blocks can't be modified or created in CMS. Is this correct ? Secondly, when I use the 'rotate' function on my dynamic block, the rotation works, but th...

Re: Consistent Crashes

Development cannot find any crash report submitted by you, but just a feedback message. When getting a crash, CMS IntelliCAD is able to collect data about the crash. It should popup a crash bucket form that you can submit directly to developers. Try to reproduce a crash at your machine and please su...

Re: Consistent Crashes

Morning Patrick, Windows 10 was not available as an option so chose windows 8 as the next highest version. So far it has been an improvement - at least a marked reduction in crashes. Not received a response to my feedback to CMS yet, hopefully it is just a compatibility issue that can be resolved f...

Re: Activation quantity wrong at

Upgrades are not for free. The notice users get when running OLDER versions states " Download and tryout the new CMS IntelliCAD version? The new version is available as license upgrade at our online store. " it clearly states where you can get a license upgrade at our online store, and th...

Re: Creating viewports

Paper space customization depends mainly on the printer driver. If the PRINTER driver does not allow you to that, then you have strong limitations on setting up a paperspace page with custom settings. CutePDF Writer is a virtual PDF printer driver that allows printing page customization and this for...

Re: Slowdown and crashes

NIVDIA discontinued Quadro graphics cards a couple of years ago, and they do NOT clearly handle/support properly OpenGL.
Any new BASIC NVIDIA graphics card is actually better than such old Quadro devices when running with CMS IntelliCAD.

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