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CMS IntelliCAD © PE Easy Run is currently in use - Error notice at

If you're getting a CMS IntelliCAD © PE Easy Run is currently in use. Please try again and pass a different installation name using -name error notice when attempting to run CMS IntelliCAD © PE Easy Run, please proceed ad follows: 1. Run a Windows command prompt by running a Windows search for " cmd...

CMS IntelliCAD PE Easy Run does not run - How to fix console memory cache may require cleaning. Proceed as follows: Uninstall CMS IntelliCAD software. Run a Windows command prompt. Go to your system Windows search and type CMD , press enter. type command: turbo rm -f -a Then sign in to and run CMS IntelliCAD PE ...

Re: Display problems

Looks like your system and device graphics is not updated or does not properly support OpenGL ES graphics technology.
Make sure to force a windows update and also an update of your graphics device driver.
You can also tweak graphics visibility/settings using command GRAPHICSCONFIG.

Re: Block Editor: "No Implementation"

You can send us one of your block samples for review, but looks like you're trying to edit a dynamic block and that's not yet supported at CMS IntelliCAD. Should be noticed that such technology; the methodology for dynamic blocks creation ; is patented by Autodesk, i.e., Patent US7860691B2 granted o...

Re: How can i import .eps format file?

CMS IntelliCAD cannot import encapsulated PostScript ( .eps ) files directly. As example, it's possible to open .eps using GIMP software and then export it as JPEG or PNG. EPS has been superseded by PDF. We recommend the use of PDF or SVG files. CMS IntelliCAD can export as SVG file and, as example,...

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