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Re: Urgent Licensing Problem

If I understand correctly, you have tried to install the second license on the re-built computer? but have error(s) Have you read this: My guess is that you need to contact sales and ask if they can help i...

Re: Urgent Licensing Problem

Please refer to this support topic. You can't say that "at the time I was unaware that I needed to deactivate my IntelliCAD license in the old operating system on the old hard drive" because this license management requirement is stated...

License management - Need to transfer a license - All activations used up notice

Starting from CMS IntelliCAD 8.2 version and following, users are able to transfer or release the license by running CMS IntelliCAD at the latest licensed system (still running the license) and then deactivating it at the HELP > License Manager self-service feature. If you're getting a " All ac...

Re: Advanced ES GL setting

That can happen if your graphics device driver is not compatible with OpenGL ES graphics engine. You can check at the system requirements at In such case, we recommend s...

Can't open User Guide at Help menu or Online Resources at the Start Page

CMS IntelliCAD PE Easy Run is set to use Microsoft Edge as default app to open web links and open the CMS IntelliCAD User Guide. To open web links properly, go to Windows start button > Settings > Apps > Default apps and set https web links to open with Microsoft Edge. Sem applies to .PDF file exten...

CMS IntelliCAD - how to create a dump file if software hangs

1. Once Icad frozen, open Windows Task Manager 2. Search for CMS IntelliCAD application on the Processes tab 3. Right click on corresponding process and choose "Create Dump file" 4. Once dump is generated, path to .dmp file will be provided 5. Upload .dmp file somewhere (as it will be very...

Re: Change Space

We do not see any discrepancy when drawing a polyline at a paper space viewport with the result at model space.
pline_paperspace.png (67.82 KiB) Viewed 328 times
pline_modelspace.png (67.71 KiB) Viewed 328 times

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