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CMS IntelliCAD PE Easy Run - how to clear the Turbo VM images from the local client cache.

Open a Windows command prompt and clear the Turbo VM images from the local client cache as stated below.
Run DOS command turbo rmi xvm -a
Launch CMS IntelliCAD PE Easy Run;
The Turbo client will check for the latest Turbo VM version.

Re: Aerial right views

In fact this may sure be an issue with user drawing and user needs to check if the specific drawing VIEW settings are already setup to clip views with custom values.
On such drawing, use VIEW command to verify the clipping values.
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Re: Exit Error

Uninstall CMS IntelliCAD and force Windows updates. Reboot at the end.
Uninstall Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010, 2013 and 2017 redistributable (x64), restart the pc.
After that, please install and run CMS IntelliCAD with the same Windows user and as system administrator.

Re: Intellicad 9.2 PE

CMS IntelliCAD 9.2 version is outdated an not longer maintained to support Windows maintenance developments. You can upgrade to the currently maintained version at the upgrades section of our online store: You can also download CMS IntelliCAD 10 and run is as ...

Visual C++ redistributables while installing CMS IntelliCAD

Probably the Windows system is not properly updated or has a configuration issue. Make sure to force windows updates at the system settings and then reboot at the end. Then uninstall Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010, 2013 and 2017 redistributable (x64), restart the pc. After that, users should be able to ...

Information on OpenGL and OpenGL ES support

Basically all recent graphics devices support OpenGL and OpenGL ES. ​To check what graphics device you're running, you can: 1 Right Click on Windows Start button. 2 On the Start menu, click Run . 3 In the Open box, type " dxdiag " (without the quotation marks), and then click OK. 4 The DirectX Diagn...

Re: Maintenance update

If our software sends you an update notice then you can update the software. You can check the build no. at the CMS IntelliCAD HELP > About IntelliCAD.

Review the update instructions available at the FAQ section of this support forum.

Re: Regen error

Apparently, your system has graphics device issues. Are you using a system with 2 graphics devices? make sure to associate a suitable one with CMS IntelliCAD; Nvidia GeForce cards are recommended. Make sure that you're running the latest build of CMS IntelliCAD 10 (check that at the HELP menu) and a...

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