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Re: Customization of Context menu

Yes Steve, but if I don't set the ' "Entities context"' property, this "Matrice feature is displayed always. If I set it to point, line etc... this command is displayed only for this entities. But IntelliCAD crash when i try to set it.... certainly a bug. The CMS team don't answer.......

Customization of Context menu

I find how to customize my context menu. I go at the bottom of the window with the big gear at right. Customize UI.... In the top-left panel, I search: ICAD > Menus > &Context and I add from the "Commands list" panel below, the Matrice command button below the ICAD>Menus>&Context>A...

Re: AEC entities

Please use Menu: Draw > AEC Entities to add AEC entities. Ha yes you have the complete CMS PE+ version but me it's just : CMS IntelliCAD 10.0.1572.123806 PE I havn't AEC Entities in draw menu , it's why I didn't understand. EDIT: I'm amazed at the price of the full PE+ version! Only $400 a.k.a. 379...

Re: AEC entities

Hi SPirou, Please refer to this: Regards, Yes I understand but it's only when you load an Autocad file with AEC objects in. There are a lisp script to remove AEC objects with the purg...

Re: AEC entities

QuanNguyen wrote:
Wed Jan 27, 2021 5:47 pm
What version of IntelliiCad do you try to?

On IntelliCAD PE PLUS, the AEC entities as walls, doors, windows... work well.

I have IntelliCAD v10.0.1572.123806.PE.VC15.x64.CMS100a,
what are the AEC objects, please? Is it possible for me?

Tip of the day [FR]

Here is the link of this file in french: Voici le lien de téléchargement du fichier Icad.tip traduit en français:!Al4yBRY9NHg-jRoOPcIegvtCsvV1?e=G0580K Pour qu'il soit actif, dézipez-le et placez le dans votre dossier de CMS dans vos programmes ici : C:\Program Files\CMS\CMS Inte...

[BUG v10] Viewport unselectable !

I discover a big mistake in this v10 application. Some time when you make a viewport bigger than the paper space and you save the file and you re-open the file, the viewport can't to be selected. I thought it was the layer wasn't activ but no ! You can't select it. capture_004.jpg I find THE solutio...

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