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Re: PE+ Too much lags in drawing scrolling with images inserted (not in 9.0 ver but from 10.1 update)

The only other thing I could suggest is that once I was putting together a large 3D model and it started having serious lagging issues. I ended up starting a completely new drawing, opened the model and copy-pasted all the objects into the new drawing. The size dropped about 35% and the speed improv...

Re: PE+ Too much lags in drawing scrolling with images inserted (not in 9.0 ver but from 10.1 update)

I've run into similar things with different drawings with no real identifiable cause. Going to BASIC or Intermediate graphics settings did not have huge improvements. I will suggest looking at your CPU affinity settings. I think the default is to use the least used core and 10.1 is really designed t...

Re: setting to metric

How do I enter lines in metric? Snag_6b34fcf.png Warren, It looks like you imported the drawing to the wrong scale (off by a factor of 25.4 which is inches vs mm), If the drawing is already set to mm you'll have to scale everything by a factor of 25.4 to get it to measure in mm. Or as above, set th...


I think it is linked to the VBA macro setting. It gives you the option in settings to turn off the VBA if you are not using it and then this pop-up won't appear. This prevents macros from running without the user knowing it. If you re-enable VBA macros the pop-up shows up again when you startup.

Re: DXF file export bug

For actual software bugs, I've found that if you report the bug using the support tool you'll get a pretty fast response and they'll usually have it fixed in the next release.

Via the forums, it's up to the other users to help you. I don't think CMS has much presence here.


Users just need to remember to deactivate the license BEFORE making changes to the system. License deactivation instructions , also supporting offline systems, are available at the download section of This is exactly the wall I ran into. You cannot deactivate your system of...


For those who use Intellicad off-line just a warning on upgrading your system. Intellicad is VERY twitchy to changes in the PC. A new hard drive or CPU or motherboard will flag the software as un-registered and prevent you from running the software. In some cases the software will ask for a new regi...

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