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Layers panel closes

I like to have my Layers Dialog box/panel docked on the right side with autohide turned on, it stays there between sessions until I dock any other panel to the left side, then when I come into a drawing the layers panel is closed. This only happens when the shell itself is also closed. How can this ...

Re: SYSVAR or setting for alert box?

Yes! Thank you Quan! That worked, I had never heard of that setting before. Where do you park your image so the URL can be used for this forum? I tried to drag and drop a small .png file into an earlier post and it didn't work. Thanks, ~RH~ Hi , Please set the system variable LAYEROFFORFROZENNOTIFY ...

SYSVAR or setting for alert box?

I'm still fine tuning my settings after upgrading to v11.1 Pro, I am getting an alert box that is very annoying eg. I window 30 entities and use the properties dialog box to change their layer to a layer which is frozen, this box pops up 30 times, 1 time per entity, I have to hold the escape key dow...

Re: Block editor thaws layers

I would rather have the choice to thaw them if I need to edit them. I know they exist, I don't need to see them. It's equal to if every time you open a drawing , it thaws all the layers just in case you intend to modify entities on them, not logical at all to me. I guess I am used to 30+ years of Au...

Block editor thaws layers

The block editor thaws all of the layers that have entities in the block being edited, this is very annoying because for example, I use construction layers in my blocks and I don't want to see them [among other layers] unless I need to. So I wonder if there's a setting or SYSVAR that I can change? T...

Re: Trapezoid area lisp

The area and length of any Plines shows in the Properties window and under List, was there some other reason you needed to code for? Sorry if I don't understand the full meaning of your question. Hope this helps. -=(RH)=- Hi, I am using this lisp for analytic calculation areas in architectonic drawi...

Re: Drag and Drop block into dwg

Yes from Win 11 Explorer, at least I can load .lsp by drag-n-drop, I don't think we could
in CMS version 10, if I remember correctly.
sln8458 wrote:
Mon Dec 12, 2022 1:24 am
I assume you are dragging from windows explorer (?)
If so, no i get the same result as you, but I think is has always been that way.


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