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Re: icad.unt

Hi, You can use the command OPTION -> Paths/Files to add any path to the file search path. Then IntelliCAD can see them. Something like this: lisp_path.png I try it, and as you can see in the other posts, does not work. The test is very simple: add to your original icad.unt a new conversion factor,...


Did you tried to apply this command (VL-LOAD-COM) and after that, use the grips to modify an entity?
What happened in your case?
Everything works normal? Did you where able to see the grips boxes as normal?
Am I the only person who use (VL-LOAD-COM) for AutoLISP on IntelliCAD?

Re: icad.unt

I tried the new built (may 7 2021) and still not working. icad.unt can't be outside intellicad installation folder. So if you need to customize this file, the user mus install it manually.


Hi, I'm converting an app that I did (an lsp app for AutoCAD), so the app can work with IntelliCAD too. But is difficult to find information (or instructions) of how to specify an alternate location for icad.unt . I have to do so because my app needs additional conversion factor for units of area. S...

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