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Re: IntelliCAD 9.1/9.2 DCL quesion

Sure, after selecting for example TABLE E FLANGE from the first DCL, the second one pops up but as per my screen grab, both are minimal and snapped to the top RH corner of my screen. Flgsize.dcl dcl_settings : default_dcl_settings { audit_level = 0; } cancel : column { : row { fixed_width = true; al...

IntelliCAD 9.1/9.2 DCL quesion

I am migrating some Acad routines to ICAD and have an issue with a couple of my DCL boxes. They have worked fine in ACAD from R14 to 2016 and have last save date around 1999 but in ICAD they 'snap' to the top left corner as per my attached screen grabs. I thought all DCL launched centre screen by de...

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