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Crash On Exit

Usually crashes after exit.

It´s crashing constantly during edition ... sometimes is able to recover on Emergency Path Files, but sometimes DWG is corrupted and is not possible to recover, causing serious damage to work once I have to redraw from beginning

Re: Nested Refex Problems

Still have the same problem.

When using a only one nested refex, trying to bind first order XREF icad crashes.

It canit bind nested refex.

It can have many simple refex files, but anyone nested refex. It cousas crashes when opening ou binding, it's unstable.

Re: Nested Refex Problems

I have come across an issue with XREFS similar to the OP. In version 10, I modified a file to delete an XREF as it was to be redesigned. When opening an assembly higher up the design tree, the deleted XREF was still showing. (NOTE: THE TREE DISPLAY WITHIN THE XREF DIALOGUE DOES NOT WORK) I have bee...

Re: Nested Refex Problems

My version is the same. But when I goto nested they cause crash. When I try to bind them ... causa crash when they are nested. I have "cleaned" DWGs, purged, recovered, ... everything. Every time I try to audit shows me a handle that is causing some problem ... but I can´t identify the ent...

Re: IntelliCAD.EditorInput.Editor.TraceBoundary creates incorrect boundary with ellipse

I am using Icad 10 and I am having constant problem using direct Hatch when pickinp points inside complex region when have circles and ellipses. Using editor.Traceboundary I felt problems too ... I check first if is possible and when is not I create manually a Pline to handle the "region" ...

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