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Load LineType File

The below code can´t get line type file "Icad.lin". The class "LInhas" returns a string with the name of linetype. Public Shared Function DashDot() As String Dim sLineTypName As String = "Dashdot" Try Dim acLineTypTbl As LinetypeTable Dim db As Database = IntelliCAD.ApplicationServices.Application.D...


Does anyone experienced this kind of problem ?
Icad Crash
Icad Crash
ICAD CRASH.png (248.89 KiB) Viewed 18 times


Is there similar function like


to set current active windows focus ?

This function exists in Autocad e is very usefull to reduce number of clicks by setting the focus to the window.

Re: .net Keyboard Input Focus

Hi Denis, Inside the PaletteSet, try to use the IntelliCAD.Internal.Utils.ExecuteCommand instead of CommandMethod. This time, I used to invoke palleteSet/User control by menu command inside WindosForm, that works normally !!! Calling commandLine a <CommandMethod>Sub ... constructs the palletset but...

Re: .net Keyboard Input Focus

I got same problema and still didn´t get the solution for this case I've made some tests and observed when I call <commandMethod> to invoke a UserControl inside palletteset some textBox fields doesn't work ... simple the text typed vanissh from screen ... In other hand, when this same pallette set ...

XRef disappear

After attaching a a file inside drawing, moving screen makes the xref disappear from screen.

Needs to regen after every operation to "re-show" and exhibits again xref on screen.

Save and exit, reopen, continues the problem.

version 10.0.1461.118133.PE+.VC15.x64.CMS100a

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