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Re: Nested Refex Problems

I have come across an issue with XREFS similar to the OP. In version 10, I modified a file to delete an XREF as it was to be redesigned. When opening an assembly higher up the design tree, the deleted XREF was still showing. (NOTE: THE TREE DISPLAY WITHIN THE XREF DIALOGUE DOES NOT WORK) I have bee...

Re: Nested Refex Problems

My version is the same. But when I goto nested they cause crash. When I try to bind them ... causa crash when they are nested. I have "cleaned" DWGs, purged, recovered, ... everything. Every time I try to audit shows me a handle that is causing some problem ... but I can´t identify the entities. Whe...

Re: IntelliCAD.EditorInput.Editor.TraceBoundary creates incorrect boundary with ellipse

I am using Icad 10 and I am having constant problem using direct Hatch when pickinp points inside complex region when have circles and ellipses. Using editor.Traceboundary I felt problems too ... I check first if is possible and when is not I create manually a Pline to handle the "region" to pick af...

Re: AcquirePoint

Public Shared Sub CreatePaletteLigacoes() Dim ps As IntelliCAD.Windows.PaletteSet ' ps = New Intellicad.Windows.PaletteSet("My Palette") ps = New IntelliCAD.Windows.PaletteSet("Ligações", New System.Guid("F69E9148-2DF8-4911-8442-8C97AF23C2EE")) ps.Style = IntelliCAD.Windows.PaletteSetStyles.ShowPro...

Re: AcquirePoint

Code to create Pallete

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 Private Sub LigaçõesToolStripMenuItem1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles LigaçõesToolStripMenuItem1.Click


    End Sub

Re: AcquirePoint

Public Class MoveRotationScaleJig Inherits DrawJig #Region "Fields" Private mBase As teigha.geometry.point3d Protected mEntities As New List(Of Entity)() Private mTotalJigFactorCount As Integer = 3 Private mCurJigFactorIndex As Integer = 1 ' Jig Factor Index Public mLocation As teigha.geometry.poin...

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