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Good news!

Will there a free trial version?

I read that from now on (including this release)all ICAD distribution must be based on the same code. Could you please comment on that?


Would it be possible to change the download process to allow the use of programs like Download Accelerator ou GetRight. When the link is broken for some reason one must restart from the beginning since the site doesn't allow resuming.

Thanks for the reply, MTrichie. Correct me if I'm wrong, but months a go I received an e-mail from ITC that in order to accelerate the changes in ICAD they would release the latest code as soon as it's available. If I got it right there should not be any "delay" between the latest free release and t...

Thanks, braa_h. Why not offer a free version consisting only of the Consortium code, without VB, Help or raster support? After all any Consortium member could compile the code and post it in a web page. Having this free, basic version from CMS would attract the goodwill of the free version users and...

Now things are getting confusing...

What exactly is the difference between I2000 LT and I2001?

I think CMS should have a consistent free version policy to prevent disappointments.


Can I help in the debugging effort? I would like to have access to the pre-release version in order to test it and report eventual bugs. Please inform how can it be done.


J. Avelar

Please include in the bug list the following items: 1- The Brush (MATCHPROP)command doesn't work with texts (of any kind); 2- The Plot/Window doesn't work well. If the plot windows is selected using esnaps to the outter limits of the drawing then some of the border lines are not plotted; 3- When a t...

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