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Hi , I'm not sure what you want to extract but we can extract any object properties such as length, area, volume, the value of the text, and dimension ... using either AutoLISP or VBA (Visual Basic for Application), also .NET and IRX (API classes for IntelliCAD). Please tell more detail if it is not...

Re: DVB file

Hi Steven,

In the visual basic editor of AutoCAD, please export the form to the .frm file.
Then, open the Editor of IntelliCAD and import the .frm file.

Do the same for the module and class.


Re: DVB file

Hi Steven, The DVB is used for AutoCAD, but in IntelliCAD, the VBA file is .vbi. So you cannot directly open the .dvb file in IntelliCAD. Please load and open the DVB file in AutoCAD visual basic editor, and copy the codes from the editor (paste and save to a text file format). Then, open the Editor...


.... Question: What will happen if 3 lines cross at the same point? ie existing geometry. SteveN Hi Steven, Please refer this: (defun c:Trim3( / pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4 line1 line2) (setq pt0 (list 0 0) pt1 (list 10 5) pt2 (list 10 10) pt3 (list 5 10) pt4 (list 10 0) pt5 (list 0 10) ) (setq line1 (entmakex...


Hi Steven, I'm not sure fully understand your issue, but we can trim an object without picking. But we must supply a point on the object to complete the command. Refer this: (defun c:TrimX( / pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4 line1 line2) (setq pt1 (list 0 0) pt2 (list 10 0) pt3 (list 0 10) pt4 (list 10 10)) (setq li...

Re: Macros

Hi Ryan, As the dialog warning "Macros may contain viruses. It is usually safe to disable macro, but if the macros are legitimate, you might lose some functionality." MacroSecurityWarning.png - Use " Enable Macros " if you are sure the project file does not contain any virus macr...

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