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Since the bak file is only created when the file is saved, it would be no more useful than the original file in the event of a power or software failure. If something were to hapen to the folder containing the file, the bak file would be lost also. It may be useful if it (the bak file) were saved to...

Nothing you can do about it. Annoying, isn't it?

Near as I know, they can't be locked in Icad. I've always had good luck by just not moving them.

This is consistant with my findings. Thanks for the confirmation.


I don't use the hyperlink option often so never tried it before in 6.2 but it appears to be broken. I used it in previous versions without a problem. Anyone else tried it?

I don't know what acis version they were using before but version 6.2 will open acis version 14 files. Can't say how well it handles them (worked fine in the test files made with Turbocad) as I don't use Icad for anything but 2D drawing. Never had a problem opening DWG files though I don't open a lo...

Your question didn't go into enough detail as to what you are trying to do and what problems you are having doing it. That's probably why you haven't gotten an answer. I'm quite good at a number of things. Mind reading not being one of them.

In the off chance you may still be wanting to know, I'll tell you one method. Just like Turbocad. Select the viewport, right click and go to properties, set your scale there. There are other methods but this is easy.

Near as I know, the "position block when inserting" is the default and can't be changed. I don't see why they are being distorted when placing. When iserting, click once to position and hit enter three times.

I tried your example below and also tried it when you posted before. It works for me. I can't reproduce your problem.

If you want to reverse a single polyline, PEDIT will do it. No need for LISP unless doing multiple lines at the same time.

It is obvious that you do not have the version I have. Do you even have Intellicad? The wipeout command was added in version 6.2. Acces at command line or through icon. Help describes it's use and function. If it wasn't in the program, how to you think I could have used it? What are you talking abou...

New name

I propose we rename this forum to Intellispam. That's the majority of what's showing up lately.

Well, you apparently have someone elses version as the latest CMS version is 6.2. No matter, the differences are in the details. Yes, the ghosting is normal and has been that way since I first used Intelicad (2000 I believe). As you have seen, it goeas away with a zoom or refresh. After a while, you...

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