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Re: Crash and freezing issues.

Difficult choice. All I can say is that the ITC are aware of the issue with 11.1, I had an email last night mentioning this issue and that they are working on it. I have to say I like the product, but I have been with it since 1998, when it was a Visio product! As has been said by others, don't comp...

Re: Crash and freezing issues.

From my perspective version 11/11.1 has been one or the less stable of releases. I have a copy of 10.1 which I use for recovering drawings that have issues after a version 11.1 crash. (I have found that often after version 11.1 has just stopped, and I have had to use task manager to close Icad, that...

Re: Autocad DYNAMIC blocks, not visible after rotation - REGEN function required

That is fair. I apologize. At the time I was - and still am - very frustrated by this program as I feel it's not even close to being an Architect's CAD program. I lashed out at you and that was not fair.

Ironically, I am 1/4 French from each of my parents. Pardon moi, s'il vous plait.

Re: Multi-Level Building - CAN'T DO IT? CAD For Architects.....

Back to Layers: This is basically how I work, you will need to resolve your own way of working that suits you and your needs. (sorry if you already know this) Here is a simple layer setup:

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