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Re: OS update and Intellicad license

... the version is 9.2X64 Premium Edition Plus ... ... now going to the newest version, ... Not sure what you mean about "the newest version". FYI, the license for " 9.2X64 Premium Edition Plus" can't use for the 10.0 or 10.1 versions. Hi QuanNguyen. If Jocoque has indeed instal...

Re: OS update and Intellicad license

I'm a little confused where you are in your process. 1/. Did you de-activate the Icad license? 2/. Did you uninstall the Icad software? 3/. Have you upgraded to win 10? Assuming answers are: 1/. yes 2/. No 3/. No If this is the case then there should be no need to re-install Icad, just re-activate t...

Re: OS update and Intellicad license

OK, IMPORTANT. 1/. You will need the installation 'exe' file to re-load Icad if you are replacing the O.S. (this may be available via the Icad download/store ??). Link to official Instructions here -> <- an...

Re: Printing Problem, Windows 10

Is that via a pinter, eg Microsoft print to pdf ?

If so that would suggest that Icad is printing fine, ( well to me anyway :) )
When printing, does the printer queue show a file size? that might help understand a bit more

Long shot, do you have another printer?? just to test with.


Re: 2D Parametric Constraints

There is nothing that I am aware of, however What are you trying to achieve specifically? For me 'parametrics' are like picking a standard part from a list of available standard parts. so you create your database of parts, listing all the dimensions in table form, giving each part a label/tag Then c...

Re: Exporting Settings

copy this to a folder & rename, eg fred.cui
You can then copy this to the same location on the new PC
On the new PC
rename default.cui as old-default.cui
rename fred.cui as default.cui
this should bring most of your customization/setup across, tho' not all!!


Re: Exporting Settings

One way would be:
in windows explorer navigate to:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\CMS\CMS IntelliCAD 10.1 Premium Edition Plus x64
you should find default.cui

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