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Re: Nested Refex Problems

I have now got to the stage where work relating to XREF's has to be done in Version 9. I can not turn layers on/off, freeze/thaw anything in a drawing relating to an attached XREF. This is creating a huge amount of extra work/time to complete drawings, and this is NOT chargeable to the client so I'm...

Re: Nested Refex Problems

DenisSilveira wrote:
Tue Aug 17, 2021 7:15 am

Same problem when a try to FREEZE/THAW the layer where XREF was inserted, program crashes ...

Now I am 10.0.1572.123806.PE+.VC15.x64.CMS100a ... did not conclude all tests at this new compilation
Hi Dennis,
I've gone back to 10.0.1528 to get some form of stability with XREFs


Re: Nested Refex Problems

I have come across an issue with XREFS similar to the OP. In version 10, I modified a file to delete an XREF as it was to be redesigned. When opening an assembly higher up the design tree, the deleted XREF was still showing. (NOTE: THE TREE DISPLAY WITHIN THE XREF DIALOGUE DOES NOT WORK) I have been...

Re: Nested Refex Problems

OK, XREF's This is a feature I use alot! I have nested XREFs, many layers deep, I can open existing drawings with nested xrefs with no issue as your description. I am currently running version 10.0.1462.118177.PE+.VC15.x64.CMS100a (I've gone back a couple of versions tracing a different issue.) All ...

Re: measure an oval

Hi Martin, Just use the 'List' command eg: ------------------------ ELLIPSE ---------------------------------- Handle: 32C Current space: Model Layer: 0 Color: BYLAYER Linetype: BYLAYER Line weight: BYLAYER Center point: X = 165.032 Y = 164.83 Z = 0 Major Axis vector: X = -0.476 Y = 30.936 Z = 0 Min...

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