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Re: OS update and Intellicad license

OK, IMPORTANT. 1/. You will need the installation 'exe' file to re-load Icad if you are replacing the O.S. (this may be available via the Icad download/store ??). Link to official Instructions here -> <- an...

Re: Printing Problem, Windows 10

Is that via a pinter, eg Microsoft print to pdf ?

If so that would suggest that Icad is printing fine, ( well to me anyway :) )
When printing, does the printer queue show a file size? that might help understand a bit more

Long shot, do you have another printer?? just to test with.


Re: 2D Parametric Constraints

There is nothing that I am aware of, however What are you trying to achieve specifically? For me 'parametrics' are like picking a standard part from a list of available standard parts. so you create your database of parts, listing all the dimensions in table form, giving each part a label/tag Then c...

Re: Exporting Settings

copy this to a folder & rename, eg fred.cui
You can then copy this to the same location on the new PC
On the new PC
rename default.cui as old-default.cui
rename fred.cui as default.cui
this should bring most of your customization/setup across, tho' not all!!


Re: Exporting Settings

One way would be:
in windows explorer navigate to:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\CMS\CMS IntelliCAD 10.1 Premium Edition Plus x64
you should find default.cui

Arhhhhh ERROR 403 FORBIDDEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Macros

All I can suggest is to uninstall and re-install.
Don't forget to release the license first.!!

Re: Customization of Context menu

Matrice does not appear in my system 10.1.1267.130525.PE+.VC16.x64.CMS101a sorry for the broken posts Steve It's normal! I wrote "I find how to customize my context menu". It's because I created a new command for me in my context menu. So Matrice is your 'new' command that you want to add...

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