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Re: How to Import STEP file

Hi QuanNguyen, Thanks for the link, it helped me quite a bit. The importation was very quick, so that I actually noticed the message in the bottom right of the screen, similar to an updated xref. My first step import was of a file 102Mb, which took quite some time to the point I worked on something ...

Re: How to Import STEP file

Let me know how you get on please.
I tried the 'step' import just a few days ago and when the process finished there were NO elements displayed, nothing was imported.
I used an online converter and that worked on the same file!


Re: setting to metric

Hi Warren, I'm not 100% sure how you are setting up your drawings, however the simple answer is to 'edit' the dimension txt using the text editor. Personally I avoid editing dimensions in this way where possible, and let the software put the numbers in that it 'thinks' is correct. If you have drawn ...

Revolve command

The latest update appears to have changed the Revolve command. Where I previously could revolve a closed polyline (rectangle) entity about an axis through the centerline of 2 parallel sides, through 180 degs. This is no longer allowed!! Anyone got any suggestions? I'm trying to actually create a SOL...

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