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Re: perimeter

Hi Zdenko, the perimeter of your object needs to be drawn with a Polyline. then using the List command (type - list entity information - into the search bar in the help section) https://s...

Re: perimeter

Hi Zdenko,

There is not a 'perimeter' command, however if your object is a circle/closed polyline/closed shape then if you select the object and then use the 'list' command this will give you the perimeter.


Re: Remove margin

Hi Alex,
What are you trying to do?

Your printer will have a max printing area relative to the paper size, eg for an A3 paper size (420,297) your printer may have a max printing area of 410,285.

Re: looking for help

What can I say??

Yes I asked a question 2 years ago, that no one stepped up to the plate to offer help.

But thanks again for your continued constructive help.
It is help from............................................never mind.

Re: looking for help

So you don't know the size of the project and do not describe it Can we put the forum moderator into a lambda recursive loop? for another 3 years (+1 mod member) (setq nil) lol Thank you for your constructive Insightful comments, I will take them on board next time I consider asking for help. It is...

Re: Unable to RECOVER this drawing

Hi Do you still have 8.4 installed? If you do try DFXOUT. I have found that creating a dxf file and the opening that in a new version will often solve an issue. should not be necessary but worth a try. The next option would be to post a copy of a sample file and I will try on an older version I stil...

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