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Re: Not opened for read

I'm using Icad 10.0.1491.119529.PE+.VC15.x64.CMS100a So there is an update available, which I suggest your install. (note: I am only a user, not associated with CMS) Here is your drawing modified by me.

Re: Cannot Pan based on a distance

Thank you for your help. I gave your method a try and it worked, kind of. When I entered @-50,0 (or @50,0) it pans, but only what appears to be approx 5 feet. Not exactly 5 feet, but close. So then I tried @100,0 and it panned approx. 8 feet. Still not what I could do in ACAD, but a whole lot bette...

Re: Cannot Pan based on a distance

Sounds like there is a mix of units in your setup somehow?? For ref I'm using Icad version: 10.0.1491.119529.PE+.VC15.x64.CMS100a I just added a vertical line to a new drawing, copied that line @7500,0,0 and then changed the new line colour to red. Zoomed in to the first line and then panned (-pan) ...

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