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Re: HATCH. constant problem

I'm having a similar problem. In my instance, large solid hatches don't display in IntelliCAD, but do display in AutoCAD. I was going to attach some images from print screen, but I keep getting the message that both PDF and DOCX are invalid file extensions - what kine of nonsense is that?

DOSLib for IntelliCAD

I've used DOSLib in my AutoLISP programming for many years, so was excited when I found an older post about DOSLib4 for AutoCAD. I couldn't find a copy of DOSLib4, so asked Dale Fugier at McNeel about it. He sent me a copy of DOSLib4, but warned that it might not load. It didn't. I asked him if ther...


AutoCAD has a very handy command, COPYTOLAYER, that allows copying entities on one layer to another layer.

Is there a similar capability in IntelliCAD?

Re: Compatibility

This is an old post, but I can't find anything newer on the subject of DOSLIB. I've used DOSLIB for quite a long time with AutoCAD, and want to use it with IntelliCAD. My problem is that the link to doslib4 at a McNeel ftp site is no longer a valid link. I downloaded from McNeel's ...

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