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The option for acad14 is only money, here in Portugal each Licence of acad 2002 is near 4000€ (the same amount in USDollars)and acadLT 2002 is above 1500€, so Intellicad is the only option for me, for the price of one AcadLT I can buy 5 Premium Intellicad Licences, but my workers dont't like it beca...

Thank's for the reply. About the object properties, there is a brazilian (?) program "Intelliplus" who claims it can change the toolbars to autocad 14 look alike, like bonus and a few other, (except object properties) I've already try it and is great, do you have any information of any other program...

Thank's for the reply.
By the way do you know if any vendor is preparing the new version for try, I rather try the new version before update all the licences in the office (there's already a few who prefer get back to Acad14, but I'm not Bill Gates with unlimited fond's, LOL)

New Version 4?

The Intellicad Organization has released the version 4 (actual version 3.3).
What is the major updates, and when is it avalable to users?

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